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How to relieve the symptoms of cedar fever

AUSTIN (KXAN) — There’s a good chance you’ll feel the cedar in Central Texas this week. The number of cedar remains in the “very high” category on Tuesday.

It’s a terrible time of year for people with cedar pollen allergies, but unless you’re from Texas, you might not be prepared for what the locals affectionately call “cedar fever.”

“We have a particularly high concentration of cedar pollen here in Central Texas, so when people move here from other places around the country, if they don’t already have a cedar allergy and are susceptible to allergies, they may develop it later. in a few years,” said Dr. Michael Saavedra, an Austin allergist.

Using Google Trends, we see people in Austin Google cedar fever at the highest rate since last January. 140% increase in people asking, “When does Austin have cedar fever?”

“We are in the middle of the cedar growing season right now and the next few months will not be easy,” Saavedra said.

So how do you do it No miserable? Saavedra recommends the following:

  • Avoid walking outdoors on pollen-rich days. You can use the KXAN Allergy Report to find out when those days are.
  • Keep windows and doors closed whenever possible
  • Wash off after being outside
  • Wipe your pets with a damp cloth after going outside
  • If necessary, use over-the-counter products such as Flonase or Allegra.

“For people who have more severe symptoms, you should consider visiting your allergist. Things like allergy shots can help you,” he added.

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