How to report damage and get help after Tuesday’s tornadoes and storms

Austin, Texas (KIAH) Gov. Greg Abbott today called on all Texans affected by recent severe storms and winter weather to self-report property damage using the Texas Emergency Management Division (TDEM) iSTAT survey as the damage assessment process begins.

“The State of Texas is working around the clock to ensure that those affected by winter weather and severe storms have the support they need to recover,” Governor Abbott said. “I encourage all affected Texans to self-report damage information to iSTAT. It is a critical tool for our local and state officials to determine eligibility for federal assistance, identify damage in areas affected by severe weather, and direct volunteer resources to communities in need.”

Governor Abbott directed TDEM Monday to prepare state emergency response resources well in advance of potential severe weather impacts on Texas. TDEM continues to use these state resources to support local governments across the state in response to winter weather in north and west Texas and severe hurricanes in southeast Texas. TDEM sent additional personnel to begin preliminary damage assessments in Deer Park, Pasadena, and Orange County.

As damage assessments continue, affected Texans are encouraged to report damage to homes and businesses during this severe weather event using the Texas Individual Assessment Tool (iSTAT) Damage Survey. The iSTAT survey can be completed in English and Spanish online at Damage.tdem.texas.gov by clicking Winter/Severe Weather January 23-25. The information provided by Texans in the iSTAT survey helps emergency management officials gain insight into the damage that has occurred and help them determine whether the state meets federal requirements for various forms of disaster relief, as well as identify any immediate resource needs. Training videos in English and Spanish are available here to explain how to complete the iSTAT surveys.

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