How to watch the memorial service for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI of the Roman Catholic Church, the first to abdicate the papacy in over 600 years, died on December 31 at the age of 95.

Since no pope in living memory has died with an already established successor, Benedict’s funeral mass is expected to set a precedent with changes in ceremony. That’s how North Texas Catholics can watch local services and watch the official Mass from the Vatican.


The Diocese of Dallas holds two services in memory of Benedict’s life.

On Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm, a vigilant rosary in English and Spanish will be offered at the Sanctuary of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe in downtown Dallas.

On Thursday, January 5, at noon, a memorial mass will be held in the cathedral.

“The commemorative mass will begin with the ringing of the cathedral bells,” the diocese said in a statement.

Annette Gonzalez Taylor, director of media relations for the diocese, said many local parishes also hold their own prayer and memorial services on Wednesday and Thursday and urged locals to check with their parishes for times.

The Diocese of Fort Worth said in a press release that a mass in honor of Pope Benedict XVII will be held on Sunday, January 8 at 5:00 pm at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Fort Worth.


A Requiem Mass for the Pope Emeritus will be celebrated on Thursday at 9:30 am in Rome, at 2:30 am US Central Time. Pope Francis to preside over services

Mass will be broadcast live by several news sources.

Vatican News, the Holy See’s official news portal, said in a social media post that live streams will be available on its YouTube channel, Facebook and website.

EWTN, the Alabama-based Eternal Word TV network, will also stream services from its YouTube channel and stream the event on cable? a television.

For those who won’t get up early in the morning, EWTN’s Encore Mass will be broadcast on Thursday at 13:30 and 20:00 CT.

Local EWTN cable and satellite channels in English and Spanish can be found at https://www.ewtn.com/tv/channel-finder.

Unprecedented case

More than 135,000 pilgrims passed through St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, home to the Pope Emeritus, this week, according to Vatican News.

The death of a pope usually means a conclave of cardinals in Rome to elect a new pontiff, which will not take place given Benedict’s resignation in 2013 due to his age and health.

The National Catholic Reporter said that Matteo Bruni, director of the Vatican’s press office, told reporters on Tuesday that the services would be based on traditional papal funerals and would have “some new elements that give the rite its originality and some missing elements that are those. which are more appropriate for the reigning pontiff.”

Only delegates from Italy and Germany were invited. President Joe Biden, the second Catholic president in US history, will not attend, according to the National Catholic Register.

Karine Jean-Pierre’s spokeswoman reportedly said, “U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Joe Donnelly will represent the United States at the Pope’s funeral, in accordance with the wishes of the late Pope and the Vatican. That’s what their requests were.”

When John Paul II died in 2005, presidents, prime ministers and royalty from over 100 countries attended the funeral. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who became Benedict XVI upon his election as pope 10 days later.

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