HPD: Houston Sees Rise in Property Crimes in 2022 While Violent Crime Decreases

According to HPD head Finner, the surge in non-violent crime is mostly due to catalytic converter thefts, car thefts, and guns stolen from cars.

HOUSTON. Although the number of violent crimes in Houston decreased last year, the number of non-violent Houston Police Chief Troy Finner.

Finner said the number of non-violent crimes rose 7% in 2022 compared to 2021, mainly due to catalytic converter thefts, car thefts and weapons stolen from cars.

“I fell victim to this on Saturday night. My truck was stolen outside my house,” Council member David Robinson said.

HPD Assistant Chief Wyatt Martin says more than 300 automatic license plate cameras have been deployed throughout Houston to help find stolen vehicles.

“They use these stolen cars to commit robberies and other crimes. In this way, we are potentially ahead of other violent criminal acts that may take place,” Martin said.

From 2021 to 2022, there was a decline in violent crime, with reported homicides and robberies down 9%, aggravated assaults down 8%, and rapes down 18%.

Finner credits Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner for a $53 million crime reduction effort called One Safe Houston.

Finner wants to see more cameras to help fight crime, while Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is urging local judges and state legislators to step up.

“We don’t need a revolving door,” Mayor Turner said.

Turner is urging state legislators to use part of their nearly $33 billion budget surplus for “transformative funding” for mental health.

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