If you’re doing anything in your yard this winter, do it.

Austin (KXAN) — If you love landscaping but are thinking about taking a break from the winter months, think again: experts say now is the best time to take care of your trees.

According to Sean Martin of ABC Home & Commercial Services, “It just helps the arborist determine which branches to remove, which ones are potentially dangerous and could fall over.”

Without leaves, it’s easier for professionals to spot when something is wrong with the tree and then cut it before the tree becomes dangerous.

Not all trees can be treated equally; older trees take longer to recover, so winter pruning can give them time to bounce back before spring storms.

But that’s not the only reason ABC arborists recommend inspecting trees in the winter. For example, some trees don’t usually shed their leaves… but when they do, it can be a bad sign.

“This is a live oak. It should be completely covered with leaves, and if you look at this branch right here, there are no leaves at the ends here, Martin thought.

Other signs of tree damage include peeling bark, discoloration of branches, and any large cracks.

While you can trim small, low branches yourself, ABC Home & Commercial Services recommends that you choose tree pruning services from certified arborists who are fully immune from removing larger, taller branches.

To keep your trees healthy, fertilize them, water them all year round and:

“Ventilating tree roots, just like ventilating your yard, will make the roots healthier… enable them to… maximize nutrient uptake and also maximize water uptake,” Martin added.

Another reason to prune trees in winter? Trees recover more slowly from pruning when exposed to insects or extreme heat… problems are less likely during the colder months.

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