Illegal border crossings soar among Cubans and Nicaraguans

SAN DIEGO (AP) — U.S. authorities have seen a 97% drop in illegal border crossings by migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela since Mexico began accepting those expelled under a pandemic-era order, it said Wednesday Biden administration.

The announcement comes a day after Texas and 19 other Republican-led states filed a lawsuit to stop widespread humanitarian parole for citizens of those four countries who apply online, fly to the United States and find a financial sponsor.

The administration said Jan. 5 it would take up to 30,000 people a month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela for two years with a work permit. At the same time, Mexico agreed to take the same amount from those countries that enter the US illegally and are expelled under Section 42, which denies them the right to seek asylum, with the stated goal of preventing the spread of COVID-19. The number of border crossings by migrants from these four countries has increased dramatically, and there is no easy way to quickly return them to their countries.

“These expanded border security measures are working,” Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mallorcas said. “It is incomprehensible that some states that could benefit from these highly effective enforcement measures are seeking to block them and cause more illegal migration on our southern border.”

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