Jury Selected to Hear Proud Boys January 6 Mutiny Case

WASHINGTON (AP) — A jury was selected Monday to try former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and four other far-right extremist groups accused of conspiring to obstruct a presidential transition by attacking the U.S. Capitol after 2020. elections.

Jurors are expected to hear opening statements from attorneys in Washington federal court on Wednesday after the group is sworn in, defense attorney Carmen Hernandez said. This is one of the most serious cases stemming from the uprising that prevented Congress from confirming the victory of President Joe Biden.

Jury selection took 10 days of interrogation, as many potential jurors spoke negatively about the Proud Boys. Ultimately, the selected group includes seven men and nine women, according to WUSA-TV.

Tarrio and his co-defendants could face up to 20 years behind bars if found guilty of sedition. The opening statements come more than a month after jurors found two leaders of another extremist group, the Oath Keepers, guilty of a mutinous conspiracy that prosecutors say was a separate conspiracy to obstruct the transfer of presidential power.

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