Killeen City Council Opens Public Survey for Feedback on Possible Bond Offer

KILLIN, TexasKWTX)- Killeen City Council is in the process of gathering public feedback on a possible general bond that could be on the ballot for the November general election.

The City has opened a poll for feedback as there were few attendees at a seminar last week to educate residents on municipal bonds.

Mayor Debbie Nash-King said the workshop must have been full. “We have to really get this out to the public, because we really need their input, because when they get to the vote, they really need to know why we chose to go this way,” Nash-King said.

Killeen City Manager Kent Cagle said at a seminar last week that taxpayers need to be informed. “A general obligation bond is the city’s permission to borrow money. This requires voter approval and is typically used for large projects,” Cagle said.

Among the projects mentioned were a recreation center, park projects, a new town hall, and more.

“We are far behind in park projects, we have very little space at City Hall, and our staff is spread out across the city,” Cagle said.

Cagle said that if all projects are approved, the tax rate for the average home owner will increase by 12 cents.

“Now it won’t happen right away and this is based on the worst case scenario. Generally, the board can issue one part of the debt and then issue another part five years later, depending on the economy,” Cagle said.

However, some residents at the meeting had concerns about the bonds.

“Even if voters say no to $66 million in bonds, a new town hall will be built anyway, so I don’t know why we go through the whole process of contacting us,” a local resident said.

Pro Team Mayor Ken Wilkerson assured the public that the bond offer is still in the planning stages.

“Part of it is planning. Part of that is to act on what the citizens have said as far as going out and finding out if we want to do it, if we want to call this bond election and present it to the public. This is the first step,” Wilkerson said.

“It is very important to get the opinion of the residents, because we are asking you to vote on the items that we have presented to you,” Nash-King said.

The opinion poll can be found here.

The next public seminar will take place on March 30.

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