Lawyer explains why police want to question client who shot dead burglar in southwest Houston taqueria

The client was not charged.

HOUSTON. The robbery suspect is dead after being shot multiple times by a client he was trying to rob, according to police.

Houston Police Department currently looking for this client. He’s not charged, but they want to ask him questions. Questions asked by many social media users.

“One of the reasons law enforcement is looking for this man is to find out if he feared for his life or the lives of those around him, because that’s absolutely necessary for a self-defense claim under the law,” she said. KHOU Legal Analyst Carmen Rowe.

On Friday night at the Ranchito Taqueria Hotel near Gessner in southwest Houston, everything went on as usual, as if nothing had happened. The restaurant was open and the glass door replaced less than 24 hours after the robbery suspect was shot dead.

Video surveillance recorded everything. A masked man entered the restaurant with a gun and demanded customers’ wallets.

As he grabs the wallet from the customer’s hands, another customer in the booth reaches for a gun. As the suspect leaves, the customer shoots the suspect nine times, killing him.

TO READ: A burglar was shot and killed by a shopper in a taqueria in southwest Houston, police said.

Rowe says the shots appeared to be in self-defense.

“If you have the right to fire the first bullet, you have the right to keep firing until the deadly threat is gone,” she said.

Rowe said it didn’t matter if the gun was fake, the threat was real.

“Everyone in that restaurant clearly believed it was a real gun,” she said.

The patron who shot the suspect left the restaurant after the shooting, with many asking if he was legally required to stay until the police arrived.

“Staying there to answer questions is very important. This is what I, as a lawyer, would advise you to do, but at the same time, you are not required to stay in place in such a situation, ”Rowe said.

The restaurant owner and employees call the visitor a hero.

Police also hope to question all patrons who were at the restaurant on Thursday evening. If you have any information about the shooting, you are asked to call them.

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