Lindale Bakery prepares for first Valentine’s Day in business

Tyler native and Chapel Hill alum Carnetia Foster opened Sweet Necia’s Sweets in April 2022 and hasn’t looked back.

The Lindale Bakery opened after Foster decided her home kitchen couldn’t accommodate her growing orders.

“I was baking at home and I just had to get out of the home kitchen,” she said. “It was overwhelming because more and more orders were coming in.”

The bakery offers a wide selection of sweets but specializes in cheesecakes.

“We offer all kinds of cakes, cookies and chocolate treats,” Foster said. “But what makes us unique is our cheesecakes. They are all made from raw crust, and every week we have different flavors of cheesecakes.”

Foster said that one of her best-selling cheesecakes is Cookie Butter.

Grandma’s homemade banana pudding is also a fan favorite.

The bakery will have its first Valentine’s Day next month, and Foster said he’s very excited.

“It’s very exciting,” she said. “For Valentine’s Day, we’ll be offering heart-shaped cheesecakes and a variety of chocolate-covered treats.”

Orders will start to come in a hurry, and Foster said she and her staff “will be working long hours in the kitchen to offer as many Valentine’s Day goodies as possible.”

Foster said she couldn’t wait to serve a bakery in the Lindale area on the first Valentine’s Day.

“We love the support that Lindale and the surrounding areas have given us, it’s been a real blessing,” she said. “And we don’t want to disappoint on this ‘day of love’.

“We are very proud of our products and everything is made with love and care,” added Foster. “We take our time in the kitchen; we want everyone to have the best desserts.”

Sweet Necia’s Sweets is located at 1420 South Main A4 in Lindale and can be contacted at (430) 235-3314. Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday from noon to 17:00 or until sale and Saturday from noon to 15:00. Opening hours may change in the new year.

For more information, visit the Sweet Necia’s Sweets Facebook page.

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