Local business owners say the renaming of Fort Hood Street will incur additional costs.

KILLIN, TX (KWTX) – The City Council of Killeen is considering renaming Fort Hood Street to coincide with the base’s name change.

Fort Hood is named after Confederate General John Bell Hood, and federal officials have already approved the name change for the base itself. But that only applied to federal buildings, not to things owned by states or cities.

If the council does vote to change the name, there could be repercussions for Fort Hood street business owners like Victoria Traore. She plans to open an African restaurant and lounge, Oreofe, later this month.

“When we decided to open this salon, it was because we don’t have an African salon here in Killeen,” Traore said.

Traore said her new premises will expand her Bella African Market next door.

“The menu is in place, our flyers are in place, business cards are in place,” she said.

All items ordered had an address on Fort Hood Street. So preparations may have to be changed if Killeen City Council votes to rename Fort Hood Street.

“If that’s the case, I hope there are some scholarships that could support us,” Traore said.

At a nearby cafe, Lily’s Seoul, owner Risikatu Ogundele, is ready to update her Uber Eats and Doordash address, status files, and order new menus.

“We would have to change everything with our address to match the new name,” she said.

Both business owners agree that these things can add up quite quickly.

“It will be expensive,” Ogundele said.

Traore hopes the board will remember companies like hers.

“I am ready to adapt, but it will not be without problems,” she said.

The Killeen City Council is expected to discuss the matter at a city council meeting on Tuesday. By next year, Fort Hood and all buildings associated with it will become Fort Kawasos.

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