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About six months into the death of a man on Shady Lane in Reno, the Reno Police Department filed a murder charge last week.

On January 17, Floyd Levy Nunley was charged with the murder of Rodney Dale Tallant.

This investigation began when Tallant was found dead by Reno police officers on July 26 in his house, which he was renovating on Shady Lane. According to a press release from the Reno Police Department, Tallant died from a gunshot wound to the head.

“When it first started, it seemed like a natural death because it wasn’t an obvious gunshot wound,” Reno Police Department Deputy Chief Nathan Stringer said.

Reno police officers found Nunley in a barn on the Shady Lane property while they were clearing the area. Stringer said that Nunley sold the Shady Lane house to Tallant, who was a distant relative and friend of his. Tallant was renovating a house in Reno to move in with Nunley helping Tallant with the renovations. Nunley also occasionally resided in this house.

After finding Nunley, Reno police detained him, but released him at the scene of the crime. Stringer said officers felt uncomfortable immediately filing charges against Nunley due to the large number of people, mostly family members, who were present at the scene.

“Everyone at the scene becomes a suspect because we don’t know the whole story,” Stringer said.

As part of the investigation, Reno investigators interviewed family members and neighbors, as well as Nunley, according to a press release.

Reno police also linked Nunley to other crimes that allegedly took place in unincorporated Tarrant County, according to a press release. That part of the case was turned over to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office, and in August Nunley was arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated child sexual abuse.

Stringer did not comment on the sexual assault case, but said that the sexual assault case and the murder case are connected.

According to Stringer, during the course of the investigation, Nunley eventually confessed to the murder.

“We went out to visit him three times, I think, while he was in custody in Tarrant County,” he said. “You get some truth with a lot of untruth. And then as you move forward, you sort of gather the truth to confront them, and then they tell you what really happened. It’s a process, especially in the case of murder.”

Because of the accompanying allegations of sexual assault, the deputy chief refused to provide details about Nunley’s motive for killing.

Nunley is in custody at the Lon Evans Correctional Center in Fort Worth with a total bail of $400,000. Although he is currently in Tarrant County, Stringer said Nunley is expected to stand trial for the murder in Parker County.

Nunley declined to be interviewed for this story.

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