Meet one of the first Muslims in Texas Home.

Rep. Salman Bhojani also made history as the first South Asian ever elected to the Texas Legislature.

ULESS, Texas. When voters elected their representatives to the Texas House of Representatives last November, they made history by sending several “first” candidates to the State Legislature.

Representative Salman Bhojani is among them.

The Euless Democrat is one of the first two Muslim members of the Texas House of Representatives, along with Rep. Suleman Lalani, a Democrat from Sugar Land.

Since Rep. Bhojani is a minority party member in Austin, his legislative priorities may take a backseat for a while. So, he tells us that he will measure success by the relationships he forms, especially those that are opposite.

“That’s what I did on the Ulessa City Council when I was elected mayor of Pro Tem by a majority Republican city council,” Rep. Bhojani said on air. Inside Texas Politics. “And I will continue to build relationships so that I can work on the kitchen table issues that Texans care about.”

And this experience of the “first” will only help the democrat.

In 2018, he also made history when he became the first person of color to hold elected office in Uless, a suburb of Fort Worth.

Now he is also the first Muslim and the first South Asian ever to be elected to the Texas legislature.

And the Democrat says he plans to represent Texans, not just a political party. So, he says he will be addressing both Republicans and independents and Democrats.

“By the way, the first voter I had yesterday was the Republicans, and I really enjoyed meeting them. So I’m looking forward to getting more,” the spokesperson said.

It hasn’t always been an easy road, and Rep. Bhojani says he has faced bigotry and hatred.

But it also gives him strength, he says, and helps him to give people a certain grace that he believes will serve him well as a legislator and as a leader for future generations of Muslim politicians.

“While I was working on the campaign, people were telling me a lot of negative and Islamophobic things about me going back to my country or that Muslims are terrorists and just really evil things,” Rep. Bhojani told us. “But because they may be ignorant, they may not know about the faith, they may not know that Muslims can be citizens of the United States.”

Rep. Bhojani is also our guest on this week’s edition of Y’all-itics. If you want to know more about his background and how it led to him becoming one of the first two Muslim members of the Texas Chamber in the state’s history, Click here.

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