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Miler disputes Hidalgo’s defeat as Harris County judge in 2022 election

HOUSTON (KIAH) — Months after losing the Harris County judges’ race, Republican candidate Alexandra de Moral Miller has decided to contest her loss to incumbent Democrat Lina Hidalgo.

Despite losing over 16,000 votes in November, Miller tweeted. she is concerned about voter suppression in Harris County and dissatisfied with the post-election report of Harris County Election Administrator Clifford Tatum.

Several Republicans in the county expressed their frustration with Tatum and the county’s Electoral Commission after several Election Day disruptions at some polling stations that could disenfranchise Republican voters. Several voters were unable to vote at their polling stations due to paper problems or other issues with voting machines.

“It is unforgivable that after two months the public has not learned whether voters were suppressed and to what extent,” Miler said. “Far from a ‘success’ as described in the report, there were significant operational problems on Election Day that cast doubt on whether the county’s failures disenfranchised voters.”

Miler joins two other Republican candidates in the 189th congressional district.th District Court and House of Representatives 135, who are contesting their defeats in the 2022 elections.

Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee was quick to respond to Miler’s statement, calling it “a disgraceful attempt by a group of losing candidates who failed to win the hearts and minds of Harris County voters.”

“Each of them should be deeply embarrassed and these statements should not be taken seriously by the public,” Menefee said. “These losing candidates are finally revealing what we all know is the truth – for them, it’s not about improving elections or securing our elections, but about playing with our democratic systems and refusing to accept the will of the voters. ”

Hidalgo could not be contacted for comment as she took a leave of absence from her office to travel to Colombia to care for her ailing grandfather.

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