Missing clouded leopard found at Dallas Zoo

Update: 18:04, Friday, January 13: The Dallas Zoo said Nova’s clouded leopard was found near her habitat around 4:40 p.m. Experts were able to secure her safely around 5:15 pm and she is being examined by veterinarians. She did not appear injured when she was first found, officials said.

Police told the Associated Press that evidence has been found that the fence of the small cat’s habitat was “deliberately” cut.

Update: 11:45, Friday, January 13: Dallas Zoo crews are still actively searching for the missing clouded leopard, which was reported on Friday, January 13th. The zoo said at a press conference that the “non-dangerous” cat Nova disappeared from its habitat and went missing this morning.

Harrison Edell, vice president of animal care at the Dallas Zoo, said clouded leopards are very different from other leopards, being much smaller, weighing around 30 pounds and not dangerous to humans. He said that Nova most likely climbed the tree to get out of the way and hunt squirrels and birds.

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