More Former Harris County GOP Candidates Seek to Cancel Election

Several Republican candidates who lost their races for various elective offices in Harris County during the 2022 election are challenging the legitimacy of Harris County’s election results, according to a Friday announcement by Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee.

News of the troubles came hours after Alexandra del Moral Miler, Lina Hidalgo’s Republican opponent as Harris County judge, announced she plans to challenge the results of the refereeing race.

At least eight Harris County GOP candidates who lost their bids for the office filed papers on Friday to formally challenge their election results, according to the Harris County Attorney’s Office.

Here is a list of the GOP’s new challenges, according to the Harris County Attorney’s Office:

  • Mark Montgomery, former Harris County Criminal Court nominee under Act No. 6;
  • Matthew Dexter, Former Harris County Criminal Court Candidate under Act No. 12;
  • Brian Staley, former Harris County Civil Court nominee on Law #4;
  • Mark Goldberg, former Harris County Criminal Court Candidate under Act No. 8;
  • Bruce Bain, former nominee for the 269th District Court;
  • Michel Fraga, former candidate for the 281st District Court;
  • Elizabeth Bass, former Harris County Criminal Court Candidate under Act No. 5;
  • Chris Daniel, former Harris County Clerk Candidate.

Harris County Attorney Christian Menefee slammed the candidates in a Friday press release, saying “this is a shameful attempt by a bunch of losing candidates who failed to win the hearts and minds of Harris County voters and are now pushing nonsensical legal theories against the wall to see what sticks.” Each of them should be deeply ashamed, and these statements should not be taken seriously by the public.”

“These election contests are frivolous attempts to annul the votes of more than a million people in the country’s third largest constituency,” Menefee continued in a press release. “Now the county will have to spend significant resources running these contests, time that could instead be spent serving the people of Harris County,” he added.

The trouble followed a contentious race for Judge Harris County, in which Republican nominee Miler lost to incumbent Democrat Lina Hidalgo despite the release of record fundraising numbers just before Election Day in November.

Harris County officials released a report on December 30, detailing the investigation into a host of problems at the polls, from the late opening of polls to a shortage of paper ballots. Harris County Board of Election Administrator Clifford Tatum said in a report that the results of the investigation were “inconclusive” so far.

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