More people are willing to get vaccinated when they know others are planning to get vaccinated, according to an international study.

Austin (KXAN). One of the largest international surveys ever conducted shows that people are more likely to receive a COVID-19 vaccine when they are told how many other members of the community plan to receive it, UT-Austin said in a press release on Tuesday.

“Our study shows that accurate information about what most other people are doing can substantially increase COVID-19 vaccine intentions,” said Avinash Kollis, co-author and assistant professor of information, risk, and operations management at the McCombs School of Business. at the University of Texas. “But once people know that most of them have already received or are about to receive the vaccine, they feel more secure.”

The global survey was conducted in collaboration with UT Austin, MIT’s Digital Economy Initiative, the World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins University and Meta, the release said.

Collis said Facebook provided a sample of the survey and advertised the survey in users’ news feeds. Since then, more than two million responses have been received in 67 countries, making it one of the largest social science academic studies ever conducted, the report said.

The survey found that public health campaigns were more persuasive when they focused on the percentage of people getting vaccinated rather than the dangers of not getting vaccinated, the report said.

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