Nevada ranks first in the number of public bridges in the nation.


Bridges in silver condition receive a passing grade when it comes to structural integrity. Reported by the American Highway and Transportation Builders Association.

Their survey found that out of 2,000 public bridges in Nevada, only 1.4 percent were structurally deficient.

On Tuesday, we looked at the validation process that successfully links security and structure.

We spent the day with NDOT at the Mike O’Callahan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

The NDOT reports that every bridge in the state is inspected approximately every two years. The checks are extensive.

The blue sky paints a picture of a perfect day to visit the soaring dam. It also means that today is a good day to see the bridge here at the Mike O’Callahan and Pat Tilman Memorial Bridge.

“Where we have three overhead trucks deployed right now. And we also tie people to a rope to climb the pillars and the arch,” said Brandon Henning, bridge inspection program manager at NDOT.

Henning says checks at this location, in particular, require traffic control.

They reduced traffic to one lane on I-11 on the Arizona border.

If you think checking bridges is quick or easy… Think again…

“It can take anywhere from a week to two,” Henning said. “We use drones as a complement to some climbs… And we have climbers on the arch.”

The bridge was opened back in 2010, and since then it has been in good condition, without any problems.

At the visitor center, tourists admire the bridge for its strength and a decade of good health.

Chris Holland says they definitely don’t look like the bridges he knows back home in Michigan.

“They can be better. We are restoring. We deal with the snow, so they take their toll,” Holland said.

But here in Nevada, $45 million was allocated in the IIJA Infrastructure Bill to keep the state’s bridges number one in the nation.

NDOT says if you find any problems with the bridge, report it immediately to their area office here in Las Vegas.

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