NM GOP Chairman Calls Biden’s Visit “Political Theatre” and Criticizes El Paso Mayor

EL PASO, TX (KTSM) — Steve Pierce, chairman of the New Mexico Republican Party and former U.S. Congressman, issued the following statement about President Joe Biden’s visit to El Paso along the southern border:

“President Biden’s visit to the border today was just political theater. He, along with Frontier Czar Vice President Harris, made it clear that this administration does not recognize the ongoing crisis on the frontier. His visit is a fake, arbitrary partial solution to what has turned into an unprecedented disaster under his leadership. There have been over 5 million illegal border crossings under Biden, and these migrants are flooding our communities with out-of-control health or criminal records. Trafficking in drugs and people across our border is on the rise.”

Pierce also criticized El Paso Mayor Oscar Lizer for what he described as a lack of leadership.

“Mayor Lizer declared a state of emergency in his city last month due to the migrant crisis and thousands of people flooding into his community. Now he is hiding this evidence by quickly clearing the streets and migrant camps and hiding the problem from the president and the national media. Shame on him for his lack of honesty and blatant cowardice in not acknowledging the crisis that is happening around him and not confronting the catastrophe fully armed.

Former New Mexico Congresswoman Yvette Herrell also issued the following statement about the president’s border visit today:

“For too long, this president and his administration have ignored the crisis on the southern border. His visit today is too short, too late, we need real leadership and a way forward to secure the border and reform legal immigration…. Republicans in Congress have sound solutions to keep Americans safe and end the crisis, but President Biden refuses to act.”

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