Not from Texas? Weird Things Non-Texans Have Noticed

Austin (KXAN) — If you’re not from the Lone Star State, you may have noticed a few things that seem strange to you — and you’re not alone.

KXAN asked its Facebook viewers to find out what people think of the state. Here are some of the weirdest things viewers have noticed since moving to Texas.

texas pride

Pride comes in many forms, and there seems to be plenty of it in the state of Texas.

One viewer said it was strange how proud people were of the Texas flag and added that anything with a state flag, a state image, or the shape of the state of Texas was also strange.

“I mean, once upon a time we were our own country,” replied one of the spectators. “We can fly our flag at the same level as the US flag.”

Texas is one of 16 states that have their own state obligation. The bail was established in 1933 by the Texas Legislature.

“It still amazes me that children take an oath in front of the Texas flag,” said one of the spectators.

“Pledge of the State. It’s a little weird… my kid has no idea why he’s doing this,” agreed another viewer.

Texans go fast

Texas has the highest speed limit in the US, with an 85 mph speed limit on Texas State Highway 130. But even though it’s the state with the highest speed record, people still drive faster according to viewers.

“The craziest thing I have ever seen; road signs are just a suggestion,” said one viewer.

“The speed limit appears to be 15 mph compared to what’s posted,” another viewer said.

If you’ve lived in Texas for a while, you may have noticed tire tracks going into the grass off the highway.

“When people cross the median to avoid stopping traffic on the Interstate,” said one viewer. “Right on the grass. Without shame.”

This method of getting out of traffic even got a name.

“It’s called Texit,” one viewer said.

Popular animals?

Texas may not have an official state mammal, but a quick search will show you that the Texas longhorn, nine-banded armadillo, and Mexican free-tailed bat are some of the most commonly associated with the state.

However, one viewer found it strange that it took so long to see one of these mammals.

“I lived here for almost 10 years before I saw a live armadillo,” said a viewer.

Another viewer welcomed the state’s vast wilderness, saying, “It’s like life in a National Geographic movie…. The whole diverse animal world … “

Parking in Texas

Texas is no stranger to pickups, but while the vehicle seems to be a predominant part of the state’s culture, parking spaces obviously have a lot to catch up on.

“It seems strange to me that so many people have huge trucks and so many parking lots have very narrow spaces,” said one viewer. “Even my small SUV is too big for most parking spaces!”

Another viewer agreed, saying, “My VW Golf is not even suitable for compact cars. Once I had to get out of the trunk to have lunch.”

Speaking of vehicles, another viewer said it was odd how people in the state seemed to be returning to parking spaces more than driving in.

Texas traditions

Tea is a staple food in Texas, but there seems to be some debate about how to properly label the drink.

“Sweet tea = tea with sugar. Tea = tea. Why “unsweetened”??? one of the spectators asked.

Another viewer made the difference clear.

“Because sweet is the default, so you need to specify savory,” a viewer replied.

A tradition that has taken people by surprise is the homecoming of moms, but one viewer said that wasn’t the only oddity.

“Not just moms, but the ribbons and trinkets that make up this homecoming bodice weigh more than the person who wears it,” the viewer said.

Last but not least, non-Texans noted the Texan term, which is also classic in the South.

The viewer pointed out that saying “everything” was a strange thing, related to the state that one had to get used to.

“I say everything,” said one of the spectators. “I had a boyfriend whose parents were from NE and he made fun of me for using ‘all of you’.”

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