Only one Hindu temple outside of India is dedicated to the goddess of marriage. Why in Pearland?

The Dravidian-style temple, built in the 1980s in Pearland, stands out from the relatively rural setting. This huge ornate building is a replica of the world’s largest temple dedicated to Goddess Meenakshi in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The complex is the only temple outside India dedicated to Meenakshi, the goddess of marriage. Several towers of the temple, built from Indian white granite, are decorated with decorative sculptures of animals and people from Hindu mythology.

In addition to its stunning architecture, the temple is an active center for the Hindu community in its area. The most sacred part of the temple, Garbhagriha, was the first part of the complex built according to Hindu rules.

KERA Video from the series “The Look of Texas”. explores how our built environment preserves our history, reflects our diverse cultures, and projects our ambitions for the future. From the glitzy, vulgar House of Beer in Houston to the towering Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth, architecture helps tell the story of who we are in Texas.

Find out more about Sri Meenakshi Hindu Temple as well as other Hindu temples you can visit in Texas.

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