OSHA: Americans take revenge on workers who reported exhaust fumes

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — American Airlines faces a small fine after federal officials ruled the airline was retaliating against flight attendants who complained that jet fuel fumes were leaking into aircraft cabins.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration offered the airline a $6,837 fine following an investigation launched in August. Flight attendants who complained of illness said the airline had closed service points and discouraged them from reporting incidents.

The American did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday. The airline has 15 business days after Wednesday’s OSHA decision to appeal the fine.

Timothy Minor, regional director of the federal agency in Fort Worth, said flight attendants have the right to report exhaust-related illnesses.

“Workers should feel empowered to inform managers and others of potential hazards that endanger the safety and health of workers,” Minor said in a statement.

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