Owners of Go Fish in Tyler are expanding to open a ramen noodle restaurant next door

A new ramen noodle restaurant is about to open in Tyler.

Ichiban Ramen Noodle, owned by brothers Abi Ismanto, Ricky Mao and Mason Chen, will open next door to the trio’s already popular Go Fish Modern Japanese Kitchen.

Ismanto said that after the success of Go Fish and after numerous requests from customers to open a ramen noodle restaurant, the brothers felt the time was right.

“We decided to open Ichiban Ramen in Tyler because many of our customers were asking for ramen and other popular Asian dishes,” he said. “When we saw this opportunity, the requests for the dish and the available building next door, we decided to go for it.”

“After seeing such success in contemporary Japanese cuisine Go Fish that focuses on sushi, we will now give the same attention to Ichiban Ramen Noodle with the popular noodle dish,” Ismanto added.

Ismanto said one aspect of the new restaurant that he’s most excited about is car service.

“The building has a driveway that we’re so excited about because we’ve been waiting a long time to offer it,” he said. “No one in the US pays much attention to the delivery of ramen dishes, and Ichiban Ramen Noodle will make the first delivery of ramen noodles in Texas.”

The new restaurant will also have a spacious dining room.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish that consists of Chinese-style noodles served in broth. Common flavors are soy sauce and miso with typical toppings including sliced ​​pork, nori (dried seaweed), menma (bamboo shoots), and green onions.

Ramen has its roots in Chinese noodle dishes, and almost every region in Japan has its own variations of the dish.

Ismanto said that there will also be an original dish called the K-POP Bowl. The dish will be a bowl of rice, which is very common in countries such as Japan, Korea, and China. The name of the dish comes from the popularity of K-POP music, which is extremely popular in Asia.

The restaurant will also serve milk and flavored teas, but Ismanto said Boba tea won’t be too complex to keep traffic flowing efficiently.

“We don’t want customers to wait too long en route, so our Boba teas will be easier to keep moving,” he said.

Ismanto said he’s excited to bring something new to the area and he’s open to suggestions on the ramen menu.

“We look forward to adding something new to help our growing community in Tyler,” he said. “We want people to know that we serve real Japanese ramen, but we are always working on a modern style. We are always open to suggestions to create a new style of ramen.”

The daily special and happy hour with ramen and K-POP Bowl will be posted and updated on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

While no official opening date has been set, Ismanto hopes to open in early to mid-March.

After the opening, the restaurant plans a grand opening and a T-shirt giveaway.

Ichiban Ramen Noodle is located at 137 West Southwest Loop 323 next to Go Fish Modern Japanese Kitchen and can be contacted at 903-262-5601.

For more information, visit the Ichiban Ramen Noodle Facebook page.

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