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Pavement committee chairman would like to see improvements on KY 139 South | WPKY 103.3 FM


Caldwell County Pavement Committee Chairman Jeff Simms says he has had conversations with several state officials about safety concerns regarding Kentucky 139 South.

He said those conversations included Kentucky Transportation Assistant Secretary and Princeton native Mike Hancock, District 2 Chief Engineer Deneatra Henderson, and District 1 Chief Engineer Kyle Poat.

Simms said many of the trucks that were lost on KY 139 South came from out of state and were unfamiliar with the area. However, he added that KY 139 South was too narrow and the shoulders were too steep. And, of course, any time there’s an accident or problem on Interstate 24, KY 139 South is used as a detour, which Simms noted they’ve been trying to change and may be in the planning stages.

Simms said his goal is simply to add some white lines along the edges of the roadway on KY 139 South.

click to download audio. Simms noted that in order to solve the problem of expanding KY 139 South, this is a huge expense for the state, but the county cannot simply agree to it. He said the best way for local residents to resolve this issue is to contact lawmakers representing Caldwell County.

click to download audio. Simms also reminded everyone that there are yellow or white lanes on state highways and no lines on county roads.

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