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Police: Texas woman offers sex via Snapchat to lure man into ambush robbery

VESLACO, TX (ValleyCentral). A Texas couple have been arrested after they allegedly robbed a man they lured into an apartment with the promise of sex in exchange for money, police said.

Stephanie Navarro and Francisco Martinez Jr. were arrested on charges of aggravated robbery, credit or debit card abuse, and involvement in organized crime, according to Hidalgo County Jail documents.

On Dec. 22, an officer was sent to the scene of the stabbing where they spoke to the victim, according to a probable cause statement obtained by ValleyCentral.

The man told police he met the woman on Snapchat, whom police identified as Navarro, whom he spoke to for weeks, the document says. The man agreed to meet Navarro at her home, police said, but saw a man outside who he thought was suspicious, so he left.

Police said after Navarro called several times, the man returned and entered the house. According to police, Navarro led the man into the bedroom, where he sat on her bed as Navarro told the man she was going to check on her children. She coughed as she left, the affidavit says.

When she left, the man saw four to five people come out of the toilet and started beating and choking him, the police document said.

According to police, while he was being punched and kicked, one of the men stabbed the victim in the left shin. Police said the men demanded money and stole the victim’s iPhone 14 Pro Max and a black snake-print Gucci wallet containing credit and debit cards, as well as several identification cards.

The victim was able to leave and drive to a friend’s house before being taken to the hospital, police said. The man told the police about the suspects.

On December 23, an officer stopped a vehicle in which the driver was identified as Martinez and the passenger as Navarro. The officer noted that there were two children in the back seat, as well as a strong smell of marijuana coming from the car, according to an affidavit.

The officer searched the car, where he found a credit card belonging to the victim of an aggravated robbery, the document said.

According to the affidavit, Martinez and Navarro were taken to the Weslaco Police Department, where Navarro was questioned by police and admitted to having lured the man to her apartment to be robbed.

“[The victim] and Navarro agreed to have sex for money. The agreement was made through Snapchat,” the sworn letter said, indicating that Navarro had involved Martinez as a member.

According to police, Navarro said that Martinez devised a plan to beat and rob the man.

Navarro and Martinez set up bonds worth $210,000 each, Hidalgo County Jail records show.

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