Quiet weather will continue

Weather conditions for the next few days will be cloudless. Rain is not expected over the weekend, only minor temperature changes are possible.

Thursday will be sunny with highs below the 60s. There will be a brief warm-up to the low 70s on Friday, with the weekend back into the 60s due to high temperatures.

The relatively mild picture is explained by the flow of Pacific air, spreading over most of the country. This weather is likely to last until mid-January.

Latest forecast

  • TONIGHT: Mostly clear and cold. Low: 37. Wind: Calm.
  • THURSDAY: Sunny and cool. Altitude: 63. Wind: NW, 5-10 m/s.
  • FRIDAY: Mostly sunny, windy and milder. Low: 45. High: 72. Wind: South 15-20 mph.
  • SATURDAY: Partly cloudy and slightly cooler. Low: 55. High: 66. Wind: NW 10-15 mph.
  • SUNDAY: The party is overcast. Low: 44. High: 60. Wind: N 5-10 m/s.
  • MONDAY: Partly cloudy. Low: 42. High: 64. Wind: South 5-10 mph.
  • TUESDAY: Variable sunny weather. Low: 46. High: 63. Wind: Northwest 5-10 mph.
  • WEDNESDAY: Variable sunny weather, windy and moderate. Low: 44. High: 67. Wind: South, 10-20 mph.
  • THURSDAY: Partly cloudy with a chance of light rain. Low: 49. High: 62. Wind: South 5-10 mph.
  • FRIDAY: Partly cloudy. Low: 43. High: 60. Wind: N 10-15 m/s.
  • SATURDAY: Partly cloudy. Low: 42. High: 61. Wind: SE 5-10 mph.

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