Redwater ISD Conducts Successful Active Shooting Practice

REDWATER, Texas. On Monday, Redwater ISD in Texas held an active shooter drill.

The event was organized by Lee Gill of the Region VIII Educational Services Center for School Safety and local law enforcement in response to a man-made threat. Region VIII school safety consultant Lee Gill of Pittsburgh, Texas organized the event and said it went smoothly and was well organized.

On Monday, Redwater students were on vacation so school staff could receive training on how to handle situations and prepare a plan.

“Eighty-three percent of these events are initiated by current or former students,” Gill said.

He added that the planning of this event took about six months.

The training lasted all day and included the morning session “Sit and Learn”. After lunch, Redwater Elementary School hosted an afternoon debriefing simulation. The strategy included barricade rooms, showdown rooms, medical rooms, and shooting rooms.

The trainees learned how to put on a tourniquet, bandage a wound and put on a chest filling. In addition, they learned how to practice shooting with one and two people, as if the shooter enters the classroom, and also learned how to barricade the room.

Redwater ISD Superintendent Kelly Burns said, “This training has been absolutely invaluable to our staff. All Redwater employees are gathered here today, as well as law enforcement, including the Texas DPS, hunters, our own security officer, the Wake Village Police, the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office, as well as some other school district employees who also wanted to get involved.

Burns also said this is the second time Redwater has run such a large simulation during his tenure. This happens once every four years or so. But training at the school takes place every year, about twice a year, as well as online training.

Region VIII serves 12 districts and 46 school districts.

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