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The new subdivision is expected to be built in Reno’s extraterritorial jurisdiction, while sister development may seek annexation within the city.

The question is whether the city will be able to supply water to the new microdistrict.

In extraterritorial jurisdiction, the Andy Ranch division is expected to have 20 two-acre lots on the southwest corner of North Cardinal Road and Knob Hill Road.

During a meeting of the Reno Planning and Zoning Commission on January 9, P&Z Chairman Brian Schroeder reported that Andy’s ranch site appeared to be up to county standards, with one necessary fix, and said developers could proceed with filing applications with the Commissioner. court and other institutions to promote the project.

The Andy Ranch subdivision is not expected to be further discussed by the Reno City Council.

Developers at Andy Ranch-linked Waterstone Estates want their potential unit to be merged with Reno, Schrader said. This subdivision is expected to have one-acre lots located on the southeast corner of Ladybird Lane and Nob Hill Road.

Both of these developments had previously appeared before P&Z, and both were originally intended to be attached to Reno. The development plans included sites on the center line, meaning that site measurements would begin in the middle of the road. These divisions did not receive P&Z approval at the time. Andy Ranch is now expected to keep the center line while Waterstone Estates has done away with it.

Andy Ranch will be supplied with water from wells and Waterstone Estates will potentially use the city’s water service. However, Schroeder said the city may not be able to supply water to Waterstone Estates. The city is expected to meet with the Texas Environmental Quality Commission to see if any water violations need to be fixed before the water is distributed to new development.

“We are telling Waterstone Estates that until we meet with TCEQ and find out what our obligations and possible costs are, we do not have a budget and we are not in a position to promise them water,” he said.

In 2021, developers Andy Ranch and Waterstone Estates entered into an agreement with the city that said both complexes would be connected to the city and use city water, Schrader said. The terms of this agreement included the provision by developers of land for wells to support water infrastructure in the area.

“They wanted water. They were going to attach two extensions. They were going to provide land in both extensions for future wells, and they were going to come with concrete streets,” Mayor Sam White said. “Since then, everything has changed, and one addition does not work at all. The other is not going to give us land. Then it remains for us to try to come up with a booster pump. We will need to get an estimate from an engineering firm that will cost us money before we can move on.”

Since Andy Ranch chose not to join the city, that agreement is no longer in effect, meaning there will be no other well to support Waterstone Estates, Schroeder said.

“Now that Andy Ranch has exited the deal, the area for the well has been removed and the number of homes that should have been included in the tax base has been reduced,” he said. “Waterstone Estates wants us to run plumbing from an existing well and storage tank, and we don’t have it unless we supplement it with another well that has disappeared. And we don’t have enough tax base to generate enough income; we would have to go and take out a loan or something to get the job done.”

Schroeder said during a P&Z meeting that extending the water line to Waterstone Estates without examining the consequences could “potentially compromise the water supply of Reno’s entire water supply system.”

“That’s why I need the Water Task Force,” White said. “We want to keep what we have today. We don’t want to resell in the future.”

Epigraph attempted to contact developers Andy Ranch and Waterstone Estates for comment prior to publication, but was unsuccessful.

Schroeder said the city will meet with Waterstone Estates after Feb. 6 to see how the city can provide water to the potential unit. At the P&Z meeting, he urged the developers of the two divisions to “discuss a joint plan that is in the spirit of (the agreement).”

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