Restaurant Report Card for Central Texas: 12/1/23

(KWTX) – Here is the report card for this week at Central Texas restaurants:

Laziza Mediterranean Cuisine at 501 Westview Village in Waco failed a recent inspection with 79.

According to a food safety worker, the shelf life of several products in the cold store has exceeded the 7-day shelf life.

The disinfectant was too strong.

The cutting board was on top of the food bin.

The employee was not wearing gloves.

And there were flies on the sink.

This place needed to be revisited.


Danny at 709 North IH-35 in Bellmead failed recent inspection with 86.

According to the food safety worker, there were brown and slimy spinach and cilantro in the fridge.

Dishwasher does not clean properly.

Workers did not disinfect kitchen surfaces well.

There were rusty shelves, workers weren’t wearing hair ties, and the restaurant had to be cleaned.

Needless to say, re-validation was in the future.


Rosati Pizza at 8515 Imperial Drive in Waco got a 90 on a recent inspection.

According to a food safety worker, they had to throw away some fries, blue cheese and other items because they weren’t kept cool enough.

There was Windex in an aerosol can without a label, and the dishes were stored in a container with food leftovers.


And this week’s clean plate award goes to Salgado at 2210 North Main Street in Belton.

This Mexican restaurant has been getting pretty good reviews from its patrons for years.

It has an entrance and, according to its menu, breakfasts are served here.

So on the way to take the children to school or to work, drop by.

Barbacoa and eggs sound very good.

And judging by the Yelp reviews, there is always a queue.

The information used to create the weekly KWTX “Restaurant Report Card” segments is gathered directly from publicly available records of regular inspections conducted by county health officials in Central Texas. KWTX does not determine which locations are reviewed, nor does it assign overall scores, which are expressed as a percentage. Any questions regarding the status of an inspection, re-inspection, or reported assessment should be directed to the health departments of the individual counties in which these facilities are located.

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