Round Rock police looking for November juggling suspect

RIDE ROCK, TX (KXAN) – Round Rock Police Department on twitter on thursday released details identifying a suspect in connection with a bank fraud incident that occurred in November.

The Austin Police Department explained juggling as a form of robbery. The suspect follows the victim from a bank, ATM, or check casher to the next location. There, the suspect threatens or assaults the victim, demands or takes money, police said.

According to a Twitter post, on November 19, 2022, the victim withdrew money from Wells Fargo Bank, located at 505 Round Rock Ave. She then stayed at Goodwill, located at 17151 Smyers Ln in Round Rock.

Police said that while inside the Goodwill, the woman had her window broken and her belongings stolen.

Security cameras in the area caught a Toyota Rav4 following the woman into the parking lot. As soon as the woman was in the store, the Rav4 pulled up next to the victim’s car and the black man got out of the Toyota and carried out the burglary, police said.

According to the tweet, although the Toyota didn’t have a license plate, it did have a sign that said “SeeDriveSmile.com”.

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