San Antonio Spurs fans excited to return to Alamodome after 20 years

Spurs fans are understandably excited about the Homecoming Dome team’s Friday night, January 13, game against the Golden State Warriors. The San Antonio franchise is set to break the NBA single game attendance record, and fans are getting into the spirit of game day on a historic night.

San Antonio residents shared their excitement about the Spurs’ return to the Alamodome ahead of the game, some of them looking forward to the 50th anniversary for months.

Many fans were excited to show off their outfits for the special occasion.

Even Buc-ee is excited about the return of the Spurs to the Alamodome.

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Others took the return to the Alamodome as an opportunity to share fond memories of the Spurs.

Some are celebrating a new era of Spurs players playing in the team’s former home. The Spurs began playing at the AT&T Center, then called the SBC Center, during the 2002–03 NBA season.

One fan is truly devoted to fiesta-colored Spurs hair. It definitely ties in with rookie Jeremy Sochan, who joined the Spurs as a first-round pick in the 2022 NBA draft and is known for his flamboyant hair and fashion. For context, Sochan was born in 2003.

Whatever the outcome of Friday’s game against the Warriors, the reigning NBA champions, San Antonio is sure to have a good time at the Alamodome. If the Spurs win, perhaps the locals will honk old fashioned.

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