San Antonio TikTok Star Age Rivas Joins Spurs at Pride Night, Alamodome

Rivas will use his social media identity at two key games for the San Antonio Spurs, first at Pride Night on Saturday, January 7th and a special game at the Alamodome on January 13th.

“I feel so good and humiliated that an organization like the Spurs sees what I do, my lifestyle and the comedy that I do,” he says.

Rivas says he knows big organizations and corporations aren’t usually led by people like him, so he’s honored to represent San Antonio in this way.

“It’s crazy how this plus-sized Mexican-American, wearing wigs and make-up, works with organizations like the Spurs,” he laughs.

In addition to attending the game allowing fans to see his Jessica persona in the flesh, Rivas’ role as an influencer in the games means he can sell tickets through his platform. Paying tribute to the community, Rivas chose the Pride Center in San Antonio to get a cut of the ticket sales. Regardless of a person’s size, race, or orientation, he says it’s important to know “you can be yourself,” a lesson he shared through his social media platforms.

Ai Rivas shares his love for San Antonio personalities with his 275,000 followers on TikTok.

Fino Hernandez

While Rivas is driven by his desire to bring value to the community as an influencer, he says working with the Spurs is also a chance to show how much he loves San Antonio. As a lifelong Spurs fan who grew up in the Westside neighborhood of Las Palmas and the Harlandale neighborhood of the Southside, Rivas says honking during the Spurs’ championship seasons is very important to his upbringing.

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