Sante Healing Center Provides Scholarships to Students in Texas and California

Three college students will receive college tuition assistance through the annual Santé Center for Healing Scholarship Program.

Mason Colley of Houston, who is a student at the University of Houston, and Carey Price of Fort Worth, who is a student at Weatherford College, will receive the Rip Corley and Sante Healing Center Scholarship in memory of co-founder Santa. Scholarship recipients are those who have been in addiction recovery for at least two years and have completed at least one year of college for a bachelor’s degree.

Brittany David of Fresno, California attending the College of William & Mary was awarded the Deb Corley and Sante Healing Center Scholarship in honor of Sante’s co-founder/co-owner.

Corley Fellowship recipients complete a degree to work in mental and behavioral health.

“We offer these university scholarships with the desire to help people who are working to enhance their education,” Santé CEO Sam Slaton said in a press release. “Helping colleagues, especially in recovering from addiction and/or pursuing a degree in these important areas, is in line with Sante’s core values.

“It is a privilege to help those who enter this sphere.”

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