Siamese twins are successfully separated at Cook Day Care in Fort Worth.

Update: This story will be updated after the press conference.

Cook Children’s Medical Center will hold a press conference today to announce the successful separation of Siamese twins at Fort Worth Hospital.

This procedure marks the first time that the Cook Children’s team has successfully separated a pair of Siamese twins or two children born physically related to each other. Dozens of medical experts in various specialties, including pediatric surgery, neonatology and plastic surgery, made up the surgical team.

Conjoined twins are extremely rare, with only 1 in 200,000 live births each year, according to a hospital press release. Survival during the first year is even rarer: only five to eight Siamese twins worldwide survive beyond the first few days after birth.

While this is the first such successful operation at Cook Children’s Hospital, this is not the first time Siamese twins have been separated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In 2013, two twin boys, connected from the chest to the navel, were separated at Children’s Medical City Hospital in Dallas.

The live press conference will be broadcast on the hospital website at 11:45.

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