Small plane crashes on Grand Parkway in northwest Harris County, pilot unharmed

HOUSTON (KIAH) — A pilot was miraculously unharmed after his plane crashed on Grand Parkway in northwestern Harris County.

Authorities say the small plane struck the 18-wheeler as the pilot reported a loss of engine power and made an emergency landing on a busy highway late Sunday morning.

A video posted online shows the white plane lying on the pavement, smoke rising from the wreckage and flames licking the left wing.

The wings hit the concrete railing, starting a fire.

In comments at the scene to local media, Department of Public Safety public information officer Richard Standifer said the pilot reported that he apparently clipped the roof of the semi-trailer before he was able to land the single-engine aircraft.

According to the officer, the plane’s wing caught on a concrete fence in the middle of the road, causing it to catch fire, but the pilot was not injured.

The aircraft is registered in Michigan. The owner tells us that the pilot was shocked but will be back to work in a few days.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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