Splash celebrates record year, positions for the future


LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas. Splash ended a record year in 2022 and looks forward to further growth in 2023, the company said in a recent press release. In the year just ended, a record 300 employees served a record 95,388 oil change and 798,328 car wash customers across a record 18 locations.

Wash tunnels have been built, purchased, installed or refurbished at Splash stores in Conway, Cabot, Maumeel, Fort Smith and Russellville; oil change stations were built and opened in Momella, Cabot and Shenal; and construction of a new car wash in West Little Rock (Chenal Boulevard) will open in January.

West Little Rock will become one of the largest car washes in the country.

Located on Chenal Boulevard, in the former Altitude Trampoline Park building, the 35,000-square-foot facility will include two car wash tunnels, two express interior cleaning conveyor belts, indoor vacuum cleaners, and a high-speed electric vehicle charging station. , state-of-the-art water regeneration system, energy-saving motors, license plate recognition technology, a kid-friendly and relaxing lobby with soft drinks, and an on-site 10-minute oil change.

Paul Stagg, president and chief executive officer of the family-owned business headquartered in Little Rock, said that in the past six years, the number of team members has nearly quadrupled from 80 to 300.

He expects 100 more team members to be hired in the coming months, bringing the total to almost 400 jobs in communities across the state.

“Our mission is to improve the lives of the young people at Splash through employment and continuous learning, and to provide our customers with the most advanced car care services at a reasonable price,” Stagg said.

“Our core values ​​are at the core of how we operate as a business,” he said. “We strive for excellence, passionately treat others with dignity and respect, seek opportunities to serve others, value our customers and colleagues, smile and have fun, and conduct our business with integrity and integrity.”

Positioning for the future

Splash has 15 properties scheduled to be built over the next two years, with a focus on growth in the Northwest Arkansas market.

To better manage the current and future business, Stagg announced the formation of a senior management team that will oversee all aspects of Splash’s operations and growth.

Matt Stagg, Development Director, monitors, identifies and develops growth opportunities for new and existing properties.

Previously, he was CFO.

Cameron Terrell, Chief Financial Officer, oversees financial operations, processes and performance, including the accounting, tax and corporate development functions.

He recently joined the Splash team after serving as VP of Planning and Analysis for Westrock Coffee during their transition to the public markets through SPAC.

Natalie (Stagg) Chepikov, Chief Human Resources Officer, oversees payroll, benefits and compliance issues and leads the recruitment, selection and retention team.

Dani Swanepoel, VP of Human Resources and Culture, oversees employee acquisition, team development, the Emerging Leader program, and corporate culture advocacy.

Jeff Turk, Vice President of Facilities, oversees the development and execution of projects for new facilities and oversees any improvements and ongoing maintenance of our existing facilities.

Griffin Kuhn, Vice President of Operations, leads and develops management teams overseeing the profitability, service and overall success of all Splash outlets.

Justin Young, VP of Marketing, oversees sales performance, branding, marketing strategies, content creation, public relations, advertising, and customer service.

Garrett Hartman, Director of New Store Openings, oversees the operational performance of each of the new stores, coordinating training efforts and alignment across departments to ensure a successful opening.

Stagg said that each member of the senior team brings a unique perspective and skill set to Splash’s leadership, and each one is essential for the company to continue to grow the team and continue to serve customers. “Ultimately, the future of Splash depends on all 300 employees that make up the Splash family,” he said.

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