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Spruce up any outfit with these hair accessories from Lululemon, Free People, Anthropologie.

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The right accessories can make or break any look, including the ones you put on your hair. Special occasions aren’t the only reason to wear headbands, barrettes, and hair bows—these items all have practical uses for everyday needs, whether it’s keeping hair out of the face or hiding a headboard. We’ve rounded up 10 hair accessories for women – covering all hair types and lengths – that will spice up your wardrobe.

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1. Claw Clips by The Hair Edit and Anthropologie

Keep your hair out of your face with a stylish hair clip from The Hair Edit.

As you probably know from the internet, claw clips are back from the 00s and are back in style. Large clips can fix long thick hair and even pigtails, while small clips can fix bangs back or fix a semi-hairstyle. While yesteryear barrettes tended to be cheap and break after a few wears, modernized barrettes have stronger teeth and shapes that are better suited to different hairstyles.

Ulta offers several designs to choose from – just think about how much hair you want to clip up and your style, i.e. do you like whimsical patterns or classic neutral tones? To fix long or thick hair, use The Hair Edit’s Octopus Claw Clip, which is claimed to hold hair in place from morning to night.

$10 in Ulta

For a set of cute miniature clips that you can insert into your hair for fun or use to pull small strands back, try the Anthropologie Mini Claw Set. Each set includes eight clip-on earrings in complementary neutrals and prints.

$30 at Anthropology

2. These hair bands are from Kitsch and Lululemon

Complete the look with Kitsch's textured, colorful hair ties.

Hair ties are another nostalgia resurgence and you can find them in just about every color and texture you can think of. For a set of large ones that look great on your hair or on your wrist, grab 5 packs from Kitsch. Each set includes complementary colors and one or more textures (such as sherpa or velvet).

Starting at $7 at Amazon

If scrunchies aren’t for you, consider the review-approved Lululemon Skinny Scrunchies. When testing hair ties, we found them to be the best as they hold the hair comfortably and feel durable. You can get them in colorful or neutral packs of six.

$28 at Lululemon

3. Satin turban by Grace Eleyae.

Protect your hair and style it with the Grace Eleyae Silk Turban.

A satin turban can spruce up the simplest of outfits and hide bad hair in a pinch. Grace Eleyae offers an extensive collection of short haired turbans, curls and braids. The line includes turban style headbands and all products are satin lined to keep your hair moisturized and soft. Not sure where to start? Try an all-silk turban in black or another neutral shade to go with any outfit.

$55 at Grace Elea

4. Scunci Butterfly Clips

Add a youthful touch to your hairstyle with the Scunci Butterfly Clip.

Sure, butterfly clips aren’t exactly reliable for securing strands of hair, but who buys them for their practicality? You can use the adorable Scunci Butterfly Bright Colors Mini Jaw Clips to keep your bangs out of your face or around your head when your hair is updoed. No matter how you style them, they will add vibrant colors and youth to any outfit.

5 dollars in target

5. Anthropologie sequined headband

You can't go wrong with Anthropologie's sequin headband.

Headbands always work to tie an outfit together and keep hair out of the face. Anthropologie offers a variety of options to complement stylish ensembles, including a headband with a metal knot. The sequined accessory is available in five neutral shades: peach, black, dark green, mauve and white.

$24 in Anthropology

6. Violet and Brooks Jeweled Hairpins

Dazzle yourself with these gemstone pins from Violet and Brooks.

These Violet and Brooks Crystal hair clips are tiny but mighty as they collect what’s left of your hair tie to fly in the wind. The clips come in sets, each including six bobbins with clear crystals all the way down and a larger colored gemstone on top. The shade of one gem depends on which set you choose – they are available in deep green, blue, teal, lavender, maroon and clear.

$38 in Anthropology

7. These clips are from Deepa Gurnani and Free People

Secure small sections of hair with cute clips from Deepa Gurnani and Free People.

Snap hair clips have never gone away, but these days you’ll find plenty of decades and styles on offer. Deepa Gurnani’s Jillian Jeweled Hair Clip Set features a pair of multi-coloured jeweled hair clips that will add a pop of color to your neutral outfit.

$40 at Saks Fifth Avenue

For a more playful look, check out the Free People Sixties Mod flower clips, available in lime green and orange.

$16 at Free People

8. These hair bows are from Free People

Complete your look with a classic Free People bow.

Children have always worn bows, but they can be tasteful for adults too. Free People offers over a dozen hair bows in a variety of colors, textures and sizes. For a sleek, feminine style, wear a pleated Yoko Bow that ties into your hair with a bobby pin. It is available in pink, gold, black, dark green, and navy blue.

$24 at Free People

9. These extended ponytails from InsertNameHere

Make a statement ponytail with InsertNameHere hair extensions.

If you want to add length or volume to your ponytail, InsertNameHere can help with a collection of extensions. INH ponytail extensions are sure to look natural as you can choose from 23 hair colors and different hair types, from beachy waves to curly curls. In addition, you can choose the length – short, medium and extra long – according to your preferences. Of all the accessories, the ponytail is perhaps the most casual way to spruce up any outfit.

From $43

10. Stylish baseball cap from Grace Eleyae.

Cover your headboard with a silk-lined baseball cap from Grace Eleyae.

The baseball cap has defied time and function, and it’s not just for hiding hair. Grace Eleyae produces satin-lined baseball caps in mostly neutral colors that complement the casual look. The inner lining is said to keep moisture out and prevent tangles and frizz, so you can wear it whether you’re hiding tangles or accessorizing your styling.

$32 at Grace Elea

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