Spurs Announce Partnership, Call Rights to La Cantera Concert Center

The Spurs are building a brand new performance center at The Rock in La Cantera, which had gone unnamed until now. Players and fans now know the rights to the name of the new campus.

On Wednesday, January 18, Spurs Sports and Entertainment and Victory Capital Holdings Inc. announced that Victory Capital will acquire the naming rights to the new sports center and will also become the official investment partner of Spurs.

“Our organization’s history is truly unique, and throughout that history we’ve gone above and beyond to provide our athletes and communities with everything they need to succeed,” said Spurs Sports and Entertainment CEO RS Buford. “This is an exciting day for us to announce a transformational community service opportunity at our new campus that takes advantage of the access we have in our region.”

Spurs Sports and Entertainment CEO RC Buford announces naming rights for the new Spurs Sports Center in La Cantera.

Photo by Gabriel Romero

Buford said the campus will become a hub for leaders from around the world to grow and influence the local community. He also noted that hour-long parties would be held in the center.

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