Spurs fans react to Alamodome’s record-breaking game

If you read the chatter on social media about how fans lined up hours before kickoff to enjoy the celebration around the Alamodome before the game, and as they filled the seats, many raved about the atmosphere and the electrical excitement in the air. Even ESPN was thrilled.

As the game went on (and the points deficit grew), fans began to voice some grudges about the finer aspects of bringing together over 68,000 people. Namely, the arduous snacking journey.

The other hot topic was the quality of the seats, with TV viewers more speculating than complaining.

TV viewers of the game also saw fit to express disappointment at the quality of the game’s national broadcast on ESPN, which favored the Warriors.

Obviously, not only Spurs fans came to the game, Warriors fans came in droves, and some even with their families claiming to be Spurs. Or jerseys for another popular sport.

My favorite jersey finder game was for Victor Vembanyama Spurs’ mystical jersey.

The final score of the game was a sore point for some but took a backseat for others.

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