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Dallas Morning News

Jan. 10 editorial: “Gov. Abbott can do more than his frontier letter to President Biden.”

In terms of political theater, no one expected to see a movie about pals when Gov. Greg Abbott met President Joe Biden on the airstrip during the Democrat’s important border visit Sunday. However, it is sad and revealing that the hostile letter that Abbott delivered to Biden after the handshake appears to be a major part of their communication during the Texas visit.

Biden’s visit was long overdue, his own Democratic colleagues said. We echoed Abbott’s calls for increased border enforcement because he is right that border communities are in turmoil with thousands of migrants arriving every day.

Abbott’s letter contained a fair criticism of the Biden administration, but the tone and delivery render its content useless. The letter Abbott handed to Biden in front of the news cameras sounded more like a warrant had been handed to the president than a bona fide greeting from our state’s governor.

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