Teenager saves Texas woman who was mauled by four dogs

ABILINE, TX (KTAB/KRBC) – Aggressive dogs have been rampant in parts of Abilene, Texas in recent weeks. One Abilene woman says she now fears for her life after being mauled by four of them.

Dried blood still stains Jessica Luna’s sheets and hospital gown, and her hands are still covered in blood, less than a day after the unthinkable happened in Abilene Lane.

Luna told KTAB Nexstar that she loves to go out. However, Tuesday was not an ordinary walk. As Luna walked down the alley, she turned around and heard the dog.

Luna struggled to find something in her purse or on the ground to protect herself. As soon as she looked up, one multiplied by four.

Grabbing a stick, she began waving her arms and brandishing her makeshift weapons to scare away the attacking dogs, but they soon took control of her.

“I could feel it go through my skin and it just hurt,” Luna said of being bitten over and over again. “I was screaming, ‘Help me.’ I screamed and screamed, but no one was there.”

Luna described not only one bite, but 15 deep stab wounds on her arms and legs, like knives constantly piercing her skin.

Warning: Graphical content ahead includes blood and open wounds. Continue with caution.

It was then that the unsuspecting teenager heard her cries for help while taking out the trash.

It was 17-year-old José Morales, who lived on the corner. As he made his way to the trash can, he told KTAB that he could hear Luna’s pleas.

“I didn’t want to go there empty-handed, so I saw this long metal pole,” Morales said. “I started screaming at [the dogs] to get out, and when they didn’t want to, then I started hitting them, telling them to get out until they were.”

Morales said he hit one dog so hard it passed out, causing the other three to retreat until the owners could retrieve them and bring them into the yard.

The dog owners, who spoke fluent Spanish but spoke very little English, went outside to hear the noise. Luna, who understands but does not speak Spanish, and Morales, who speaks only English, tried to communicate as best they could.

Morales helped Luna sit up and called 911. Luna felt Morales tremble, only to imagine that it was both fear and adrenaline.

“I picked her up, sat her down, called 911, an ambulance,” Morales explained. “I brought them here, and they took her from there.

Luna’s father, Frank, received a message: “This is the police. Jessica was attacked by dogs.”

Without knowing the full extent of the situation, Frank said he underestimated the severity of his daughter’s injuries, only to see, as he put it, “blood spattering from my daughter’s arm” when he arrived at the hospital.

Now, back at home and resting, Jessica is under the watchful eye of close friends, helping to heal her wounds as best she can.

“If it wasn’t for her, it probably would have been someone else,” Frank said. “It could be an older person like your grandfather, your father… Or it could be your grandson or your child.”

Frank said his daughter was tough but believes that if it was an elderly person or a small child they might not have survived and wants to remind the public that these attacks are real and life threatening. He said he hoped to draw more attention to each.

KTAB asked Luna if she believes Morales’ heroism saved her life, to which she replied, “I would have died there because I don’t think anyone else would have heard me, but I do think he saved my life.” “.

The KTAB also approached the Abilene Police Department (APD) about the legal implications of a serious dog bite or attack. Lindsey Hout, head of animal control, said if attacked, dogs would be taken and quarantined and tested for rabies.

If a dog bite victim claims compensation, Hout said any legal ramifications will be handled through civil court and the magistrate for that county.

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