Temple Horse Rescue Farm may be forced to permanently close its doors

TEMPLE, TexasKWTX)- Peaceful Acres, the Temple Horse Rescue Farm, has announced that it is currently unable to accept any more rescuers due to rising costs and lack of funding.

Sherry Stewart, the owner of the farm, opened her doors in 2017, hoping to “pay it forward” by opening her own rescue center.

Since then, Stewart and a handful of loyal volunteers have rescued 90 horses and have now been able to adopt 66 of them.

“I started working here almost two years ago and have since adopted three horses,” Jenna Gunshinan, a volunteer and foster family, told KWTX.

“I never thought about getting a horse, but then I saw this beautiful girl and Sherry rescued her and let me take her,” another rescuer, Jennifer Marsh, said of her horse, Caramel Sundae. “And we’ve been together ever since.

The horses at Peaceful Acres come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some were originally destined for slaughter in shooting pens, while others are owners of horses rented out by people who could no longer care for them.

The people who adopted them say the Peaceful Acres have changed their lives forever.

“It was the greatest experience of my life,” Marsh said, holding back tears.

But there are often high costs associated with these rescues — medicines, daily maintenance and food — and with the aggravating impact of inflation, Stewart says fewer people are adopting.

She can no longer afford to keep her doors open, at least not yet, she says.

“Everything is very expensive,” Stewart told KWTX. “We haven’t had rain in Texas for several years, so hay yields have been minimal. And, of course, the price has doubled, plus. The price is huge.”

To get back on her feet, she asks for help from the Central Texans.

“We always have a volunteer program, we can always use treats,” Stewart continued. “Cash donations are actually a good thing that our riding program supports. Anything you can think of that can be used on the farm is all we can use.”

More information on how to help can be found here.

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