Texas County expands protected lands to 3,200 acres

HAYS COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) – Hayes County is currently home to one of the state’s largest areas of wildlife, open space, and water quality protected area.

This came after he collaborated with the organization and the developer to make sure that the area in San Marcos remains intact.

Frank Davis of the Hill Country Conservancy said it all started when La Cima, a real estate developer, offered them about 1,068 acres of land they owned.

“There are caves, sinkholes, cracks, faults, all kinds of ways that water goes straight into the aquifer without filtering. So it’s an extremely sensitive property,” Davis said.

He said La Cima offered the land as a conservation easement.

“They basically say that right now we are making a choice for the future to ensure that this land is protected forever. If it changes ownership, that easement will remain in place,” Davis said.

This increased the total area of ​​protected land to 3,200 acres.

Nature is what Kate and Greg Schnauz love the most in the hill country.

“I love coming here and seeing the diversity of plant life at different times of the year,” Kate said.

They said it brought them comfort in knowing that efforts were being made to preserve the area’s natural beauty.

“Go up and, you know, touch a tree, smell a flower. It feeds our soul. I think it’s very important,” Kate said.

Efforts are underway to open even more trails in the county. It’s now figuring out how to spend the 2020 Parks & Open Space Bond, totaling $75 million.

This money is intended to create parks, open spaces, and protected lands throughout Hayes County.

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