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Texas Standard Dec 2, 2022: Nearly 1 in 10 Texas hospitals could close

Here is the news on the Texas Standard for Friday, December 2, 2022:

Congress leads Railway strike. What’s next?

A bill that would prevent a nationwide railroad strike is on its way to the President’s table after Senate approval.G This Thursday. The law prohibits unions from striking, a prospect that worried officials because of the potentially severe impact on the economy. Raymond Robertson Bush A&M Texas School of Government and Public Service joins us with more.

Nearly 1 in 10 Texas hospitals could close

A new report shows that about 1 in 10 hospitals in the state are at risk of closing – about twice as many. How before the pandemic. Behind more about these numbers and they mean Nicole Kobler, a reporter for Axios.

City of Uvalde Sues District Attorney for Access to Robb Elementary School Records

City centered on school shooting sues its district attorney to access records: Uvalde wants access to investigative files that could shed light on local police response to elementary school shooting that killed 21 people in May .

What kind one a million jobs means for Texas

Job openings in Texas reached an all-time high last September with more than 1 million job openings, about 10% of all job openings nationwide. And with unemployment rate around 4%, state same Hundreds of thousands of people quit their jobs every month. Here to help us make sense of the data, Lee College Professor Mick Normington.

After a century of darkness, the lighthouse of Port Isabel shines again

The Port Isabel Lighthouse is a white brick tower that sits on a ledge near the southernmost tip of Texas. For the second half of the 19th century. This helped guide commercial vessels in the Gulf of Mexico returned safely to shore. Now a historic site its light has not shone for more than 100 years. But 9 Dec. he shines again. Valerie Bates, Chief Marketing Officer Withtown Port Isaber, shares more.

Meet the Texas Folklife

We will hear fromet and journalist Monica Theresa aboutrtiz, one of 2022 Texas Folklife Community Fellows.

Early College High School Expansion Might Not Be So Easy

In Texas, 65,000 students attend Early College High School (ECHS) classes. They are designed to help those least likely to go to college earn an associate’s degree., or up to two years standing college loans, while still in high school. Now a foundation in Texas is spending millions to help some of these students get bachelor’s degrees. But as KERA’s Bill Sieble reports, it’s hard to get:

Typewriter Rodeo

The gang performs another commissioned poem.

Texas Politics Week

Texas Tribune political reporter James Barragan sums up the past week.

All of that, plus a roundup of the state of the Texas Newsroom and Wells Dunbar with “Texas Talk”.

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