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The average Texas smoker spends $2.6 million in their lifetime.

A new study reveals the various lifetime and annual costs associated with smoking in Texas.

Research from a financial site WalletHub — who did research to encourage people in the US to quit smoking — says the total lifetime cost of smoking for the average Texan was an astronomical $2,642,461, the 22nd highest average in the US.

In terms of annual costs, the financial site reports that Texas residents pay an average of over $55,000 a year for cigarettes.

Digging even deeper, the study also calculated more specific costs associated with buying tobacco and ranked the totals among other US states.

WalletHub calculated the health care costs that people in Texas pay due to health complications from smoking, averaging over $152,000 — the 14th lowest rate in the nation. The financial website used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for its findings.

The study also examined the loss of income suffered by smokers in Texas (due to factors such as absenteeism, workplace prejudice, and decreased productivity due to smoking) and found that residents of the Lone Star State lost more than $555,000. , which is the 22nd largest indicator in the ranking. country.

Other costs calculated by the study include the financial cost per smoker in Texas (the average income a smoker could earn if they invested instead of buying cigarettes), which was nearly $1.8 million; lifetime out-of-pocket expenditure per smoker of more than $133,000; and other expenses paid by the average Texas smoker (including victims of secondhand smoke), which totaled over $18,000.

In light of the study’s findings, Clifford E. Douglas, director of the Tobacco Research Network, says there are methods that state and local governments can use to help people quit smoking.

“Clear and precise education, combined with effective incentives and support, help quit smoking,” Douglas said. “Employers and state and local governments should provide coverage for a variety of nicotine replacement therapies to help people who want to quit smoking find a product that’s right for them.”

If you are trying to quit smoking, every state has a convenient and effective helpline to suit your needs. The FDA has also reported that nicotine patches and e-cigarettes are the best alternatives to cigarettes.

“The support of those who decide to switch to such a product can be critical to their success,” Douglas said. ”

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