The Bell County Commissioner is looking into the cost of removing a Confederate statue near the county courthouse.

BELTON, TexasKWTX)- January 19 is Confederate Heroes Day in Texas, a public holiday that commemorates Confederate soldiers who died during the Civil War.

For some Texans, it is also a celebration of a terrible past in our nation’s history.

During the Bell County Commissioners’ Seminar last week, many people were ready to discuss moving the Confederate statue outside the courthouse.

This came after the 2020 workshop had originally floated the idea of ​​doing something with the statue.

“This is important and I will be paying attention to this every day so that this statue has some movement,” said Bell County 4th District Commissioner Louis Minor.

Back in 2020, Commissioner Bill Schuman estimated that moving the statue would cost taxpayers $150,000.

“Nobody’s ever had a quote [for the move] so I’m going to get a quote to move this. Then we can have – and it won’t be an abstract number. It will be a difficult assessment and we can start planning from that,” Minor said.

Over 30 states have removed Confederate-related statues and monuments in recent years.

“This is not a Confederate statue. This is a statue of a Confederate veteran,” temple resident CJ Grisham said during a Jan. 9 seminar.

Some do not quite agree that the statue should be taken down.

“We are not a racist country. The only people who say this is a racist country want to perpetuate racism and perpetuate division. This statue will not harm anyone,” Grisham said.

Confederate Heroes Day is recognized as a public holiday and is celebrated in different states on different days.

Texas State Representative Jarvis Johnson (D-Houston) wants to drop it entirely. Recently, for the third time, he filed a bill to end the holiday.

“This statue represents the oppression of the people. This represents an exception to everyday life,” Minor said.

So far, the Tribunal has not taken any action.

Commissioners of precincts 1, 2 and 3 did not respond to the comment.

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