The New West Oso Elementary Library offers previews of similar updates in local schools.

Entering West Oso Elementary School’s new library for the first time, third grader Penelope Lopez gave it a 10 out of 10.

“Reading is my favorite subject,” said Penelope.

On Thursday night, the school unveiled a refurbished space with colorful wall murals, games, puzzles and dolls, art space, reading space and of course bookshelves.

“We love it so much,” Penelope said enthusiastically, leaning over the chessboard with her little sister.

“Especially this room (the main library) and the playroom,” said Ellany Lopez, who won’t be attending school until next year but is already excited about the library.

Oso West Elementary School was one of several libraries in the region celebrating renovations this month. Others include Shaw Corpus Christi ISD Elementary School and RA Hall Beeville ISD Elementary School.

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