The owner of the Waco restaurant served the late legendary journalist Barbara Walters.

Waco, TX (KWTX) – George’s Waco has hosted several high-profile guests such as Willie Nelson, Jerry Jones, and Greg Abbott. But believe it or not, Barbara Walters was among those who served for many years.

It all started when restaurant owner Sammy Citrano began a relationship with former President George W. Bush. He catered for several of his events and even made trips to the White House during his two terms from 2000 to 2008.

Just days before his 2000 inauguration, Bush hosted an event in Crawford catered for by Citrano.

“He pulled out of the limousine into this big barn and said, ‘Sammy, take care of my boys,’” Citrano recalled. “It was the first time the Secret Service started working for the president.”

Walters was there to interview the future president for an ABC News special about him.

“I’d say she was the same as she was on TV,” Citrano said. “She was always flawless, friendly and always laughing.”

On the wall at the hostess counter at the Speight restaurant are photos of all the famous guests who visited the restaurant, including photos of Citrano, Bush and Walters.

When the journalist passed away on December 30, the restaurant owner said it brought back memories of meeting her.

“It’s sad to say she’s probably in heaven,” Citrano said.

While Walters may be gone, her big smile will always welcome guests to Waco at George’s on Speight.

“A beautiful lady with a big smile, couldn’t be better,” Citrano said.

Walters was so impressed with him and his food that she sent him back an autographed photo of them shortly after the event. Citrano still keeps this photo in his home in Waco.

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