“There’s never enough information you can share”: Unbound Now – Waco provides businesses with resources for victims of human trafficking

WACO, TX (KWTX) – January is National Trafficking in Persons Prevention Month. According to a study by the University of Texas, more than 313,000 people are victims of human trafficking in Texas each year.

To help cut that number, Unbound Now – Waco held its annual “Not in My Town” event on Saturday. From local parks to laundromats, volunteers have helped put up flyers in more than 300 public places.

“As we know, human trafficking is not discrimination, so in fact we are trying to get it anywhere,” said Christie Hayes, chief executive of Unbound Now – Waco.

Members of Baylor’s serving fraternity Kappa Omega Tau, including Kol McAuley, helped post flyers in restrooms throughout the city.

“You know I don’t do anything else on Saturday, there will be no football,” McAuley said. “So I would really like to do it any Saturday.”

Experts say these places may be the only place where victims are left alone and away from their traffickers. Sometimes victims of human trafficking may not even know that they are victims.

“Hopefully this will give them the courage to call and ask for help,” Hayes said. “I hope they consider themselves truly worthy of compassion.”

The day of service began with a presentation by Unbound Now – Waco on how traffickers control their victims and what is involved in message processing.

“Human trafficking is not only necessary kidnapping,” said Jackson Jarratt, a member of Kappa Omega Tau. “There is care and a lot of the processes that go into it.”

Jarrat used the lessons he learned to teach other members of the community.

“The awareness you can spread is never enough,” Jarrat said. “The only way to end sex trafficking is if people know how to avoid it.”

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