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Transfers, CU football recruits


The registry overhaul happened quickly and with fury.

Since Deion Sanders was hired as a football coach in Colorado, a wave of players have dropped out of the program and new replacements have come in.

Sanders and his staff also added a few high school signers.

Here’s a look at the changes in Colorado’s roster since Coach Prime was hired in Boulder. Last update on January 25th.

Transfers to Colorado football under Deion Sanders

Kindrich Breedlove, cornerback

The 5ft 11in Breedlove came from Ole Miss. He appeared in 10 games over two seasons with the Rebel Special Teams.

Jordan Dominic, quarterback

Dominic is 6ft 3in transferred from Arkansas. In 2022, he appeared in 13 games, throwing 34 tackles for 7.5 sacks and 9.5 tackles for a loss. Before Arkansas, he worked at the Georgia Institute of Technology and made 16.5 career layoffs.

Taylor Upshaw, quarterback

Upshaw is 6’4″ transferred from Michigan. A four-year-old writer in Michigan, he appeared in 37 games with five sacks and 10.5 tackles per loss.

Ram Tracking:Changes in the football composition of heart rate through the transfer portal

Kavosei Smoke running back

Smoke is 5ft 10in and hauled from Kentucky. A four-year-old flyer in Kentucky, he appeared in 46 games and rushed 292 times for 1,583 yards and 5.42 yards per carry.

Miles Slusher, security

6-foot Slusher transported from Arkansas. In 2022, he appeared in six games with 28 tackles. In 23 games over three seasons in Arkansas, Slasher had 93 tackles, nine tackles for loss, and two interceptions.

Yousef Mugarbil, offensive lineman

Mugarbil, 6ft 5in, transported from Florida. He did not appear in any games in his two seasons with the Gators.

Jace Feely, kicker

6ft Fili shipped from Arizona. In two seasons with the Sun Devils, he never made a field goal or scored an extra point.

Tyvion Beasley, cornerback

5’10” Beasley transferred from Jackson State. In 2022, as a freshman, Beasley had eight tackles, two interceptions and two passes.

Jeremy Brown, linebacker

Brown is 6ft 2in transferred from Jackson State. As a sophomore in 2022, he had 46 tackles and six sacks. He appeared in 20 games with 11 tackles for a loss and seven sacks in two seasons at Jackson State.

Alejandro Mata, kicker

Mata is 5ft 9in and transferred from Jackson State. He made 12 of 13 field goals as a freshman in 2022 and converted 51 of 52 extra points.

Mark Vassett, player

Vassett, 6’4, transferred from Louisville. He appeared in 26 games over two seasons in Louisville, averaging 43.3 yards per hit.

Seydou Traore, tight end

6ft Traore transferred from Arkansas. He appeared in 23 games in two seasons at Arkansas State, with 62 catches for 752 yards and four touchdowns.

Jimmy Horn Jr., receiver

The 5’9″ horn was transported from South Florida. In 2022, he was on the All-AAC First Team as a kickback, averaging 30 yards per return kick with 89 yards. He also had 37 catches for 551 yards and three touchdowns in 2022. In 23 games over two seasons with the USF, Horn had 67 catches for 959 yards and four touchdowns.

Cam’ron Silmon, security

Silmon is 5’10” transferred from Jackson State. He had 63 tackles, 5.5 tackles for a loss, two interceptions and three assists defended as a sophomore in 2022. In two seasons, he had 111 tackles, 10 tackles for loss, and five interceptions at Jackson State.

Marchon Nyland, linebacker

Niland is 6ft 4in transferred from Western Michigan. Over four seasons, he had 92 tackles, 20.5 tackles for a loss, and 8.5 sacks in 28 games.

Tyler Brown, offensive lineman

Brown is 6’3″ transferred from Jackson State. In 2022, he played and started 11 games.

Travis Hunter, cornerback

6ft Hunter transferred from Jackson State. He was the top recruit in the 2022 signer class. As a freshman in 2022, Hunter had 20 tackles, two interceptions and 10 pass interruptions.

Schedeur Sanders, defender

6-foot Sanders transferred from Jackson State. In two seasons as a starting QB, he completed 68% of his passes for 6,983 yards, 70 touchdowns, and 14 interceptions. He also threw nine touchdowns in two seasons.

Landon Beebe, offensive lineman

Bebee is 6ft 3in and shipped from Missouri. Bibi started 11 games with a left tackle in 2022 and is a multi-year player in all conferences.

Shane Cokes, quarterback

Coke 6ft 4in transferred from Dartmouth. In 2022, he had 4.5 sacks and 8.5 tackles per loss. In three seasons at Dartmouth, Cox had 87 tackles, 8.5 sacks and 87 tackles in 22 games played.

Savion Washington, offensive lineman

Washington 6’8 transferred from Kent State. In 2022, he played in 11 games out of 10 starts.

LaVonta Bentley, linebacker

A 6ft Bentley handed over by Clemson. In 40 games (two starts), Clemson had 73 tackles, 11.5 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks and two forced fumbles.

Taige Alston, defender

Alston is 6ft 5in transferred from West Virginia. Over four seasons, Alston played in 28 games with 56 tackles, eight sacks and 15 tackles for loss.

Champ Johnson running back

The 6-foot-1 Johnson came from Cal, where he was the Bears’ quarterback.

2023 Colorado Football Club Roster Includes Top Defensive Player

Here are the high school and junior college subscribers in the CU class of 2023. The rankings are based on the 247Sports composite.

Kormani McClain, cornerback

The five-star defender is the top defenseman in the 2023 class at the national level. He moved from Miami to CU. For the second year in a row, Sanders signed the nation’s best cornerback (Travis Hunter).

Dylan Edwards running back

At 5’8″, Edwards has four stars and is ranked as the 11th running back in the country. He switched to CU from Notre Dame.

Omarion Miller, receiver

At 6’2″, Miller is a four-star recruit from Louisiana and is the 34th-best receiver in the nation. He switched to CU from Nebraska.

Adam Hopkins, receiver

The 6-foot Hopkins is a four-star recruit from Georgia, ranked 38th in the nation. He switched to CU from Auburn.

Morgan Pearson, linebacker

Pearson is 6ft 1in and is a three-star recruit from Oklahoma.

Taje McCoy, edge

McCoy is a 6’3″ three-star recruit from Oklahoma.

Ryan Staub, quarterback

At 6ft 1in, Staub is a three-star recruit from California.

Carter Stoutmire, cornerback

Southmire is a 5’11” three-star recruit from Texas. Stoutmire moved to CU from Pac-12 rival Arizona.

Isaiah Jatta, offensive lineman

Jatta is 6ft 6m and is a three-star recruit from Snow College in Utah. Jatta was originally an adherent of South Carolina.

Jacob Page, Receiver

At 6’2″, Page is a three-star recruit from Tennessee.

Isaiah Harge, Receiver

At 5’10”, Harge is a three-star recruit from Florida.

Victory Johnson, midfielder

At 6’4″, Johnson is a three-star recruit from California.

Kofi Taylor-Barroks, midfielder

The 6ft 3in Taylor-Barrocks came from overseas, signed from England. Taylor-Barrocks was initially linked with Sanders at Jackson State before moving to CU.

Asaad Wasim, receiver

The 6-foot Wasim is a three-star recruit from Florida.

Jayden Milliner-Jones, security

At 5ft 11m, Milliner-Jones is a three-star recruit from Texas. Milliner-Jones originally worked at SMU.

Kasen Weissman, defender

Weisman is a 6’2″ three-star quarterback from Georgia. Initially, Weisman was assigned to Kansas.

Jordan Onowuge, wide receiver

At 6ft 2in and weighing 190lbs, Onowuge is a three-star recruit from California.

Hank Zilinskas, offensive lineman

At 6’3″ and 274 pounds, Zilinskas is the only Colorado signer in the class. He is considered the 14th best player in the state.

Jack Wilty, offensive lineman

Wilty is 6’5″ and weighs 305 pounds and is a Community College Subscriber (Central Iowa).

Transfers from Colorado football

Cole Becker, kicker

The 6-foot Becker moved to Utah. Becker made 11 of 13 field goals and scored 20 of 21 extra points in 2022.

Maddox Kopp, quarterback

The 6-foot Kopp moved to Miami, Ohio. He played in one game in 2022, completing 15 of 28 passes for 123 yards and a touchdown.

Owen McKeown, quarterback

6’2″ McCown transferred to UTSA. He played in four games in 2022, completing 57 of 100 passes for 600 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. McCown also had two rushing touchdowns.

Jack Hester, receiver

The 6-foot Hestera passed to Charlotte. In 2022, he caught 14 passes for 157 yards in 11 games.

Kailyn Moore, cornerback

Moore, 5’10”, transferred to California. In 2022, he had 38 tackles and four passes. He started 14 games in two seasons at CU.

Chase Penry, Receiver

6ft Penry transferred to Boise State. Penry appeared in four games in 2022, throwing two for 25 yards. He played in 15 games and caught 10 passes in two seasons at CU.

Casey Roddick, offensive lineman

6-foot Roddick transferred to the state of Florida. Roddick started all 12 games in 2022 and made 30 starts in 42 career CU games over four seasons.

JT Schrute, guard

The 6ft 3 Shrout hasn’t chosen a new program yet. In 2022, he played in nine games, throwing 90 passes for 1,220 yards with seven touchdowns and eight interceptions. Shrout came to CU from Tennessee ahead of the 2021 season.

Austin Johnson, offensive lineman

Johnson, 6ft 4cm, has yet to decide on a new program. In 2022, he played in 10 offensive line games. He played in 20 career games, seven starts in four seasons.

Noah Fenske, offensive lineman

Fenske, 6ft 5in, has yet to decide on a new program. He played in seven games as a sophomore in 2022. He previously played in Iowa.

Isaiah Lewis, security

The 6-foot Lewis did not choose a new program. In 2022, he played in four games with 21 tackles and a pass break. He played in 43 career games with 19 starts in five seasons at CU.

Brandon Lewis, quarterback

The 6-foot 2 Lewis moved to Nevada. In 2022, he played in two games, throwing 15-24 passes for 92 yards. He played in 15 games out of 13 starts in two seasons at CU.

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